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4 Axis Machining Center

4 Axis Machining Center

X Axis: 40"
Y Axis :26"
Z Axis: 25"
Spindle Nose to Table (Min) :7.9"
Spindle Nose to Table (Max): 32.9"

Table Length: 52"
Table Width: 23"
T-Slot Width: 5/8"
T-Slot Center Distance: 3.15"
Max Weight on Table (evenly distributed): 4000lb

Max Rating: 30hp
Max Speed: 7500rpm
Max Torque: 450 ft-lb @ 500 rpm
Drive System: 2-Speed Geared Head
Taper: CT or BT 50
Bearing Lubrication: Air/Oil Injection
Cooling: Liquid Cooled

Rapids on X: 710 in/min
Rapids on Y: 710 in/min
Rapids on Z: 710 in/min
Max Cutting: 500 in/min

Axis Motors
Max Thrust X: 5600lb
Max Thrust Y: 5600lb
Max Thrust Z: 5600lb
Tool Changer
Type: SMTC
Capacity: 30+1
Max Tool Diameter (adjacent empty): 7"
Max Tool Diameter (full): 4"
Max Tool Length (from gage line): 16"
Max Tool Weight: 30lb
Tool-to-Tool (avg): 4.2 Seconds
Chip-to-Chip (avg): 6.3 Seconds

Air Required: 4 scfm / 100psi
Coolant Capacity: 55 gallons
Machine Weight: 15900 lbs

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