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R&D Manco's engineering and manufacturing departments consist of professionals who work together with a commitment to quality while maintaining flexibility and adaptability to meet customer requirements. Every department utilizes equipment that allows us to continue producing the highest quality products. Our operation runs 24 hours a day, 5 days a week, and has the capacity to produce a large volume of parts within a short span of time. Review our Equipment List for a more detailed look at our vast capabilities.

Our engineering department utilizes the latest in computer-aided design technology in order to achieve optimum part, tool, and fixture designs. Our machine programmers use a sophisticated CAD-CAM system to prepare part programs for the CNC machines. Both milling and turning operations can be planned and programmed by computer ensuring extreme accuracy of part detail.

The turning department is able to work with material up to 16 inches in diameter, and 36 inches in length.

Our milling department has the capacity to machine a cube size up to 64" X 32" X 30".

R&D Manco employees are encouraged and rewarded for improving manufacturing processes that result in reduced set-up and cycle times.

Engineering Equipment
5 Engineering Workstations:
GibbsCam 2014
Solidworks 2014
JobBoss V11.5


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